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Promise of Liquid biopsy

Liquid biopsies are a new powerful tool in cancer diagnostics that is transforming patient healthcare. Body fluids such as blood or urine are obtained from the patient and analyzed for the presence of circulating tumor DNA which is shed from the cancer. This DNA can tell if cancer is present, its type, effective medications, and more. Liquid biopsies can offer a non-invasive and cost-effective alternative to tissue-based diagnostic tests, as well as providing clear numerical results that are not dependent on human interpretation. However, some tests relying on next-generation sequencing still face high costs and are not easily deployed due to reliance on central lab processing.

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DNA methylation

DNA methylation is a layer of epigenetic information on top of the DNA sequence. While the DNA sequence in all tissues is almost identical, unique methylation patterns determine each tissue’s biological identity. In cancer there are broad changes in methylation patterns, which makes DNA methylation an excellent type of marker for cancer.

Leveraging PCR-based epigenetics, our pioneering testing approach uses methylation-based identification for early-stage and recurring cancer detection. Our platform delivers highly accurate and sensitive results, all while providing a seamless testing option for patients and the healthcare system. Nucleix was built around DNA methylation expertise, and we were the first to develop a methylation-based tissue identification assay1,2. The EpiCheck assay determines the methylation profile of a liquid biopsy sample in a simple and cost-effective, yet extremely sensitive and accurate manner. EpiCheck can detect extremely rare cancerous molecules on a background of a large number of normal molecules.

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Operator independent and Objective

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Cost effective
Easy to adopt




An ultra-sensitive, proprietary platform capable of detecting a single cancer molecule in a background of 200,000 normal molecules3

This ultra-sensitivity enables EpiCheck to detect cancer at its earliest stages when treatment has the greatest impact for patients. EpiCheck has a simple setup, runs on standard lab equipment, and can deliver results within a single work day.



Combining big data analysis and unique Machine Learning algorithms we construct optimal biomarker panels

Constructing an optimal panel of biomarkers is the art of “signal vs. noise”. Additional markers can improve the sensitivity by detecting more sick patients, but also can decrease specificity by detecting more normal samples. We use powerful bioinformatics big data and machine learning algorithms to construct “synergistic” panels that can evolve until the optimal result is achieved.

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