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Early stage lung cancer detection for those at high risk


Lung cancer remains a leading cause of death from cancer globally, due to its high incidence and late-stage diagnosis. Most patients are currently diagnosed with late-stage cancer, though research has shown 5-year survival rates are up to 10 times greater when disease is detected early. Annual imaging (low-dose CT scans) is recommended for screening individuals with highest risk, but less than 10% of those eligible adhere to guidelines2. Delivering an effective screening option for high risk individuals could increase compliance for imaging and drive more patients to treatment when it can have the greatest chance of having a long-term benefit.

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Lung EpiCheck is a simple blood test that detects lung tumor DNA circulating in the blood. The test detects subtle disease-specific changes in DNA methylation markers. Lung EpiCheck is an objective molecular test meaning that it does not rely on human interpretation. The result is a clear positive/negative result, with an additional numerical result between 0-100.


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