Accessibility Policy

Nucleix is committed to providing equal access to all individuals, including those with disabilities, to our digital assets, including our website and other online resources. We strive to ensure that everyone can access, understand, and interact with our online content and services.

Regulatory Compliance

Our efforts to make our digital assets accessible align with several important regulations, including but not limited to:

  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): Title III of the ADA prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in places of public accommodation, which includes online services.
  • Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act: Section 508 requires federal agencies to make electronic and information technology (including websites) accessible to people with disabilities.
  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG): We aim to conform to WCAG 2.1 Level AA success criteria as our standard for web accessibility.

Website Accessibility Features

To ensure that our website is accessible to all, we have implemented various features, including but not limited to:

  1. Alternative Text: Images and non-text content have alternative text descriptions, making them understandable by screen readers.
  2. Keyboard Navigation: Our website can be navigated using keyboard controls, allowing for a smooth and efficient browsing experience.
  3. Clear Structure: We maintain a clear and consistent page structure with appropriate heading tags and labels for forms.
  4. Color Contrast: We ensure a sufficient color contrast for text and background elements to make content readable for users with low vision or color blindness.
  5. Responsible Design: Our website is designed to be responsive, adapting to different screen sizes and devices for a user-friendly experience.

Accessibility Testing

We regularly conduct accessibility testing and audits to identify and address any issues. We engage with experts to ensure our digital assets meet accessibility standards. User feedback is also encouraged to help us continually improve.

Contact Information

If you encounter any accessibility issues on our website or have suggestions for improvement, please contact us at We are committed to addressing your concerns promptly.

Accessibility Statement Updates

We will review and update our accessibility policy regularly to ensure compliance with evolving regulations and best practices. Any changes to our accessibility policy will be promptly posted on our website.


We value your feedback and suggestions. If you have any questions or comments about our accessibility policy, please contact us at

Nucleix is dedicated to providing an inclusive online experience for all users, regardless of their abilities or disabilities. We are committed to meeting or exceeding the accessibility standards and regulations set forth by the ADA, Section 508, and WCAG.

By maintaining an accessible digital presence, we aim to improve the online experience for all visitors to our website and ensure that our medical device information is available to everyone.

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