We have a very unique capability of building biomarker panels for various types of cancers based on our proprietary technology. There is a significant challenge in building biomarker panels who are highly informative, as adding biomarkers usually doesn't provide a better outcome - in many cases it actually provides a worse outcome. We use an iterative process of empirical data analysis and panel composition refinement, that leads us to best-in-class performance.
no single marker can provide high enough discrimination between cases and non-cases for a screening test destined for clinical applications

From - "Building Multi-Marker Algorithms for Disease Prediction,The Role of Correlations Among Markers" Paul F. Pinskey et al. - National Cancer Institute (US)


Our scientists have created a highly unique assay tool to achieve superior results. Our assay includes many innovation areas:
  • Analyzes DNA from body fluids/tissues and detects subtle disease-specific DNA methylation changes
  • Allowing detection of rare cancer DNA molecules in a noise of over 150,000 non-cancerous DNA molecules
  • Requiring only small amounts of DNA
  • Simple assay, 5 hours, low cost, standard equipment, fully automatable
  • Requires no bisulfite conversion
  • Automatic software analysis for objective, repeatable and precise results
  • Outputs yes/no + EpiScore (0-100) representing methylation levels at panel


While cancer detection is our focus, our technology platforms can be implemented for various solutions like:
  • Grading of tumors, prognostic assesment
  • Companion diagnostics
  • Detection of neurodegenerative diseases